Security Services

In an age of sophisticated IT knowledge and awareness, data security has become of paramount importance to any business. We understand how damaging security breaches can be, that’s why our Managed Security service focuses on minimizing the possibility of such occurrences, helping to avoid data loss and mitigating the impact on business should a problem occur. 

By providing comprehensive threat protection, options for malware prevention, Web filtering, spam filtering and patch management, you can rely on our Managed Security services to keep threats out of your business.

Woodbridge’s Managed Security ensures your systems are being monitored and protected 24/7. Split into three tiers, Systems Monitoring, Administration and Consulting Service ensures your complete peace of mind around data security.

This service helps keep you safe from:

  • Virus attacks

  • Unauthorized access to systems

  • Attacks on your email

  • Data theft

  • Downtime
Patch Management

Say goodbye to Windows updates and quit worrying about security on each and every device you manage. Our patch management scans customer networks automatically or on demand – and gives you all the functionality and tools you need to effectively install and manage patches across all devices and different operating systems and products.

Web Protection

Our Web Protection service keeps your business safe, your workforce protected and your network functioning at maximum capacity. Web Protection is our web security feature that allows Woodbridge to control, monitor and deploy client web policies that help your employees work smarter and safer. 

When combined with patch management, Managed Antivirus and our mail continuity and backup features, it is the most comprehensive security solution around.

Email Archiving & Compliance

Store your business records securely and retrieve them easily with our archiving solution. Don’t worry about compliance – handle it instead.

Every day, your business handles countless messages and files that could contain essential information for business, tax or contractual purposes. You may also be required by law or by industry regulations to maintain records for a period of time. Whatever your needs, Woodbridge can help protect your business and your intellectual property with our archiving and compliance solutions.

With our services, you can maintain an easily accessible archive of messages and documents that can be searched, verified and audited. Our solution provides secure, long-term storage that can save you time, money and potential compliance issues.

Features and Benefits

  • Secure, centralized, off-site storage

  • Online access to current & historical messages

  • Rapid search & retrieval via full text indexing and search engine technology

  • Easy to set up with our guided migration assistance

  • Searches on messages, headers & attachments

  • Messages are serialized, time-date stamped

  • Can import legacy email to unified archive

  • Meets stringent compliance & audit rules (SEC, NASD, IDA, HIPAA, SOX, FRCP, privacy)

  • Advanced dual encryption to ensure privacy, confidentiality and non-disclosure

  • Full audit trails & reports on email history

  • Secure offsite storage with multi-Data Center replication

  • Complete lifecycle management with retention & disposal periods
Virus Protection

Powered by Bitdefender, this powerful antivirus solution means you get proven security and protection across the whole piece – PCs, laptops and servers – with minimal impact on system resources. We can’t tell you how reassuring this is – but we will…

Our managed antivirus solution combines best-in-class protection against malware and viruses with excellent performance in minimizing false positives and low system overhead. 

Data Encryption

Protect your data. Protect your business.

The amount of personal data on your computers that can be harvested by hackers looking to steal your identity for profit is ever growing. There are bank details, credit card information, email accounts and website log-ins for starters, and then there’s the work we often find ourselves doing on personal laptops where sensitive company information is concerned.

Secure company and customer data with Data Protection and Encryption service, a comprehensive encryption solution for your entire organization. 

Email Encryption

Don’t take privacy for granted. Avoid compliance issues and send confidential data with confidence. 

Email can travel a long way before it hits your inbox. With email encryption, you’ll avoid prying eyes along the way. With one click, you can encrypt your message when it leaves your mailbox. Only the authorized recipient – with the proper password – can read the message.

Other services protect your message only from one server to another. Access to the server means access to your private information. Our email encryption gives you true mailbox-to-mailbox security, no matter where your email goes in between. That keeps your confidential information safe and helps your business remain compliant.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery (DR) involves a set of policies and procedures to enable the recovery or continuation of vital technology infrastructure and systems following a natural or human-induced disaster.

What is motivating your Disaster Recovery Plan?
Many businesses now face federal and governing agency mandates to maintain complete backup records of all their electronic business transactions. Industry-specific regulations to impose confidentiality, industry portability and preservation of financial records force many organizations to implement processes to support data backup and recovery objectives.Our automated cloud backup and recovery services deliver complete data protection so you don’t have to worry about data loss, network failures, costly downtime or even worse – a complete shutdown of your company.

Secure Remote Access

Your ability to remain continually connected is now a reality whether spending time at home, traveling for business or on vacation. You and others in your organization can increase productivity simply by enabling this type of accessibility.

Secure VPN access

Stay competitive by enabling employees to work securely from anywhere in the world with trusted VPN solutions. Establish VPN security by authorizing users for integrated access to company resources and provide secure, dedicated network connections for remote collaboration and flexibility.


Increase productivity and profitability through cloud computing.

Managed IT Services

Ensure your systems are monitored and protected at all times.


Run multiple OS versions & applications on the same server at the same time.