• Google Drive Prices just Dropped Drastically!
    Check out the announcement from Google today. It is all of a sudden a lot cheaper for storage! 1 TeraByte for a year now only costs $120! Wow!! Check it out and let us know in the comments what you […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry...
  • Sir you have a virus – Telemarketers and how do they know i have a virus?
    If you get a phone call, an email or a pop-up talking about your computer being infected it is most likely a ploy. Don’t fall for it, don’t download free tools to clean or optimize your machine. These are almost […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry...
  • Alamo Season Pass will offer unlimited movies for $20 per month
    Alamo Drafthouse is getting ready to officially launch its subscription service. After several months of beta testing, CEO Tim League told Business Insider the company is going to make its Alamo Season Pass available to the public before the end of t...
  • The FDA thinks an Xbox game can stop kids smoking
    The FDA is behind a horror video game designed to teach teens about the dangers of smoking. Inspired by the statistic that three out of every four high school students who start smoking continue on to adulthood, One Leaves sets players in a cell with...
  • An ESP8266 Sundial For Your Wall
    Hackers absolutely love building clocks. Seriously, there are few other devices for which we’ve seen such an incredible number of variations. But while the clocks that hackers build might blink out the time in binary, or write it out in words, they generally don’t feature hands. Apparently in 2019 it’s …read more
  • Hacker Abroad: A Very Long Way to China
    It turns out that Shanghai is a very long way from my home in Wisconsin. I’ve traveled here for Electronica China, and although it made for an incredibly long travel “day”, it turned out to be quite enjoyable. I hacked some hardware on the plane ride, I took a maglev …read more
  • California Becomes 20th State To Push 'Right to Repair' Legislation
    A few years back, frustration at John Deere's draconian tractor DRM culminated in a grassroots tech movement. The company's crackdown on "unauthorized repairs" turned countless ordinary citizens into technology policy activists, after DRM and the company's EULA prohibited the lion-share of repair or modification of tractors customers thought they owned. These restrictions only worked to […]
  • Washington Prison Management Software Setting People Free Too Early, Keeping Other People Locked Up Too Long
    All this technology is getting in the way of justice being served. For the second time in five years, Washington's Department of Corrections is dealing with issues created by its prisoner management software. Four years ago, this happened: For three years, state Department of Corrections staff knew a software-coding error was miscalculating prison sentences and […]