• Conduit, Birdhouse, and Skateboard Become Giant Pen Plotter
    If you think you need fancy parts to build a giant robot drawing machine, think again! [Cory Collins] shows you how he built his Big-Ass Wall Plotter v.2 out of stuff around the house or the hardware store, including electrical conduit, gang boxes, scrap wood, and skateboard bearings, alongside the …read more
  • Resistors Sorter Measures Values
    We’ve all been there. A big bag of resistors all mixed up. Maybe you bought them cheap. Maybe your neatly organized drawers spilled. Of course, you can excruciatingly read the color codes one by one. Or use a meter. But either way, it is a tedious job. [Ishann’s] solution was …read more
  • One Week Left To Get CIA: Collect It All For 25% Off
    Get 25% off your copy of CIA: Collect It All withthe code STAYINSIDE until the end of May » If you're running out of things to keep you entertained at home (and who isn't, at this point?) then don't forget that CIA: Collect It All, our recreation of a real CIA analyst training game discovered […]
  • The Great Pizza Arbitrage Scheme Of 2020 Is Spotlighting The Strangeness Of Food Delivery Services
    Food delivery services always felt a bit wonky to me. I'm usually not terribly old fashioned about most things, but I generally understood that some restaurants delivered and some did not and that that was mostly fine. Along came food delivery services to bring us food from places that didn't deliver and that was mostly […]